A high quality gym for personalised training

Located in an arcade, underneath the physiotherapy treatment room, our gym operates independently and receives our patients and all others who wish to benefit from the skills developed there.

Complete facilities are available for the implementation of rehabilitation, return to sport, training and fitness programmes.

Spread over 135m2, muscle strengthening and cardiovascular training machines are connected to a huge functional training area.

A treatment booth completes our gym and allows us to intervene on issues that have an impact on active treatment.

The presence of health and sports professionals allows everyone to be cared for and increases the scope of skills.

Individual or group care is available to our patients and to anyone who wishes to take advantage of our facilities and skills.

Good to know
Is Phytosport’s gym a training facility?

Although it is open to everyone, Physport’s gym is not a Gym in the traditional sense of the word and only offers supervised or monitored care.
Programmes which include an analysis of your needs and your physical condition will be proposed to you and then a customised program will be taught.

Beyond the relevance of the programme that will be proposed to you, only its regular execution can guarantee the final result.
Therefore, you have two solutions:

  • You run your programme in your usual gym and come back for check-ups and updates at intervals defined by Physport.
  • You run your programme at Physport in an organised way so that we can supervise your visits and monitor your results. A training schedule will be established according to your availability, ensuring your follow-up and comfort.

The scope of our services meets various objectives such as:

  • Remaining healthy through movement.
  • Assisting in returning to sport and scheduling it.
  • Therapeutic education.
  • Restarting physical activity.
  • Tackling a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Tackling excess weight.
  • Preventing the elderly from taking a fall.
  • Learning to be independent in a gym.
  • Organising lifelong training.
  • Etc.
Located on the mezzanine floor, 10 treatment booths make up the treatment area on the ground floor, where a 135m2 gym allows us to develop approaches linked to physical activity. These two areas allow us to receive our patients while ensuring the privacy necessary for certain treatments and at the same time enjoying the emulation of our gym for some others.

Osteopathy is a manual technique based on tissue manipulation to assess, restore and maintain their mobility.


Physiotherapy is a health profession involved in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and re-education of impairments and disabilities affecting the musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiovascular breathing systems of the person.

Physport s’agrandît !

Dès octobre 2022, toute l’équipe de Physport
aura le plaisir de vous présenter son deuxième cabinet situé :
Boulevard de la tour 6
1205 Genève