Who are we ?

Some context…
Physport in Geneva, moving since 1996

In 1996, Yves Marinoni, physiotherapist and osteopath, opened his practice, which he named Physport, to symbolise the close relationship between physiotherapy and sport, between movement and health.
At the time, Yves Marinoni divided his time between the firm and his teaching duties at the School of Physiotherapy in Geneva. This double commitment lasted eight years and forged strong links between professional practice and teaching.
Even today, Physport still receives several interns each year from the Physiotherapy programme at HEdS-Geneva.
A mix of quality techniques and strong values emphasising listening and empathy have developed Physport’s DNA of providing care by taking care.

Thanks to the trust shown by its patients and prescribing doctors, Physport went on to grow year after year.

In 2003, Physport underwent its first transformation and doubled its surface area to add a gym. The provision of its facilities provides patients with comprehensive care improving the quality of active treatment and rehabilitation.

In 2015, Physport further widened its offer by taking over the Physiotherapy care in EMS (retirement home). This experience, which is now a permanent fixture, started with the EMS in Valfleuri, then Lake Geneva in Vésennaz and La Tour in Hermance.
Physiotherapy in geriatrics, although significantly different compared to the one developed within the practice, responds to Physport’s values: to participate in improving health through movement while respecting the patient’s means.

In 2019, Physport underwent its second major transformation with the complete renovation of its centre and the doubling of its capacity. The gym has been moved to a 135m2 space located below the office, thereby expanding in line with Physport’s activity.
This development has enabled Physport to develop care for a wider audience.

In 2019, the creation of the Physport reward:
Aware of the efforts developed by the Physiotherapy Department of HEdS-Geneva and in particular regarding its impact on the evolution of the profession, Physport makes its facilities available to students who need them as part of their Bachelor’s work and awards two prizes during the graduation ceremony. These prizes will be awarded for the first time in 2019.

These prizes will be awarded for:

  • The best work. To look at more specifically!
Providing care by taking care of everyone
Techniques and values
« The gesture is nothing, the target is everything »
Jean-François Terramorsi

Terramorsi Physport’s values can be summed up in:
Providing care by taking care of everyone

Physport is a Physiotherapy and Osteopathy practice located in the Villereuse part of Geneva.

Dedicated to your health, Physport is made up of a multidisciplinary team who offer a wide range of skills for health and movement.
We are convinced that our care techniques must be performed with utmost respect for the patient.

a multidisciplinary team

The skills of the Physport team also make it possible to offer prevention offers, to maintain health through movement and to meet the needs of specific training.

Specialised in manual techniques related to movement, Physport provides treatments in the fields of Physiotherapy and Osteopathy.
Even though they do differ, both approaches are often complementary.

Physiotherapy is a health profession involved in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and re-education of impairments and disabilities affecting the musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiovascular breathing systems of the person.


Osteopathy is a manual technique based on tissue manipulation to assess, restore and maintain their mobility.


Located in an arcade, underneath the physiotherapy treatment room, our gym operates independently and receives our patients and all others who wish to benefit from the skills developed there.

Located on the mezzanine floor, 10 treatment booths make up the treatment area on the ground floor, where a 135m2 gym allows us to develop approaches linked to physical activity. These two areas allow us to receive our patients while ensuring the privacy necessary for certain treatments and at the same time enjoying the emulation of our gym for some others.

Physport s’agrandît !

Dès octobre 2022, toute l’équipe de Physport
aura le plaisir de vous présenter son deuxième cabinet situé :
Boulevard de la tour 6
1205 Genève