Physiotherapy in Geneva

Reducing pain, re-education, rehabilitation

Physiotherapy is a health profession involved in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and re-education of impairments and disabilities affecting the musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiovascular breathing systems of the person

Therapeutic education, health promotion and prevention are the daily activities of Physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy cares for, supports, accompanies and advises :

  • Healthy people.
  • Sick people.
  • Accident victims.
  • People with disabilities.

The objectives of physiotherapy are to relieve and/or remove pain, reduce functional disorders and/or remove them and contribute to the patient’s reintegration into daily life.

Physiotherapy will help patients with irreversible disorders by helping them to adapt to replacement functions.

Physiotherapy treatments at Physport are based on passive management using manual and/or active techniques in our gym.

Good to know

Physiotherapy treatments are covered by the LAMAL if the patient is ill, by accident insurance in an accident situation and by military and disability insurance.

Only sessions prescribed by a doctor can be covered by insurance.
Non-prescription care is possible but remains the responsibility of the patient.